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Insurance & Financing

Financing—Convenient, affordable options for buying a new roof

One morning your roof is fine. The next morning your roof has storm damage. It happens a lot in our neck of the Midwest woods during storm season. Within hours, Kansas City roofers are knocking on your door and insurance adjustors follow shortly. We understand you may not have the money or means to pay for your new roof all at once. Even homeowners that do sometimes prefer to take advantage of our easy, affordable financing options and save their cash. Because as a homeowner or business owner, you just never know when you’ll need to replace or repair other systems and appliances, and it seems like it’s always something, doesn’t it?

Our roofing payment and financing options include:

  • 6 months same as cash
  • Installment plans
  • 0% interest options
  • Credit cards (3.5% service charge will be added to all credit card payments)
  • Third-party financing

Insurance—Storm damage to your roof is bad enough. Now dealing with insurance?
Redhammer Roof Group can take it from here.

Knowing what options you have and what steps to take first, second and so on can make a difference on how quickly your storm damaged roof is repaired and your insurance settlement is reached. There was a time when an adjustor looked at your roof’s storm damage, wrote you a check for roof repair or replacement and the roofing company could do the work without money out of your pocket.

Insurance has changed quite a bit over the years. Now it’s common for the insurance settlement to be less than what’s needed to properly repair or replace your roof. As Kansas City roofers, Redhammer Roof Group has a lot of experience working with insurance companies.

Our people roof for a living, but insurance adjustors don’t. We know what types of storm damage, both seen and unseen, to look for on your roof and how to explain it to insurance so that you get a fair settlement and a reliable roof repair or replacement. Dealing with insurance takes time and speaking their language. Let us walk you through the process and translate for you.

At any given time Redhammer Roof Group offers eight to ten financing options. We’re always looking for the best terms on your behalf so financing changes accordingly. Contact us for our latest options and offers.

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